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Have you ever heard of a law firm offering a 10-point guarantee?  At Klein Law Corporation, that’s exactly what you get!  Consider our 10 Point Unmatched Guarantee:

GUARANTEE #1:  We Will Conduct A Complementary Detailed Analysis of Your Business (known as our “ON-TRACK REVIEW”) During Our Initial Consultation and Give You a Roadmap of What Needs to Be Done.

During our initial consultation, during which we do not want you to feel rushed and often takes upwards of an hour, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current financial situation with one of our top attorneys. At the end of our meeting we will be in a position to give you a roadmap of what needs to be done. Such is done in an honest and non-self serving manner. Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #2:  Our "No Wait Policy" Guarantee.

Since we know your time is valuable, if you are on time for your first appointment, we will not keep you waiting like doctors and many attorneys are notorious for doing.  If we keep you waiting more than 10 minutes after our scheduled time, we will pay you $25.00. Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #3:  Our Initial Complimentary Consultation Will Provide you with Helpful and Meaningful Information and Answers to Your Business Related Questions. 

We feel that the information we discuss with you at the initial consultation is so valuable that, regardless of whether or not you decide to retain us, you will have been benefited by such. Just having knowledge on these matters can alleviate a lot of the unnecessary concern and stress you have been dealing with.  If you cannot honestly admit that we provided a valuable service to you, we will pay you $25.00. Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #4:  Our Office is a “Legalese" Free Zone.

Our attorneys will communicate with you in English (or Spanish) – not in the dreaded legalese!  When we refer to certain documents, procedures, or hearings by their proper legal name, we will make sure to explain everything to you in everyday language — free of legalese.  Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #5:   Flexible Payment Plans.

We offer several options besides our traditional hourly-based rate, including flat fees and high/low project ranges.  This takes the element of uncertainty out of the professional relationship.  We fully understand that in today’s bottom-line oriented business culture, legal fees are an expense, and not an investment, which companies need to contain in order to stay competitive Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #6:   An Attorney is Involved at All Phases of Your Matter.
Unlike competitors who only allow you to visit with the secretaries and paralegals because the attorney’s time is considered too valuable, when you deal with us you will have a real attorney involved throughout all phases of your legal representation. Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #7We Are Committed to Keeping You Promptly Informed of the Progress of Your Matter.

Whatever your legal needs, they can only be fulfilled if your attorney is there when you need him.  At KLEIN LAW CORPORATION, we understand that our responsibilities are to be available to you, whatever the circumstances, and to produce high quality work in a timely manner.  We promise to involve you and communicate with you regularly, promptly return all telephone calls and emails, usually within 8 hours, and stay in regular contact with you to keep you informed of all developments on your matter and the progress we are making.  Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #8:  Our Information Privacy and Confidentiality Guarantee.

We guarantee that when you come and speak to us about your financial situation, your information will be kept confidential to the highest degree.  To adapt the popular saying “What you say in our offices stays in our offices.”  Furthermore, we allow you to submit information to us using our encrypted website.  Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #9:  Non-Judgmental Attitude.

As we handle 100s of sensitive matters for our clients every year. We strive to make each client feel important and show them the dignity they deserve - regardless of the difficulties they are facing.  By maintaining a non-judgmental attitude, our clients and prospective clients are treated courteously and respectfully and do not feel embarrassed or worried about the sensitive things they share with us.  We have represented everyone from business executives to attorneys to rock stars to professional athletes and know that they all have one thing in common – the need for competent legal services.  Guaranteed!

GUARANTEE #10:  Highest Ethical Standards.

We assist our clients in making sound legal decisions while adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics and excellence.  The importance of this cannot be overstated in light of today’s well publicized business scandals.

We’re sure you will realize that the above guarantees help make us a truly unique law firm! To experience this for yourself, you are invited to call us at (949) 453-7979 to discuss, in detail, any of the above Guarantees or how we may help you on your road to a fresh start.

Mark D. Klein, Esq. is a senior attorney at Klein Law Corporation, a Southern California-based law firm providing legal assistance to businesses and individuals alike. Klein Law Corporation provides an extensive range of legal services aimed at helping clients with issues involving corporate law, business law, intellectual property matters and estate planning while actively working with entrepreneurs starting business ventures and those purchasing or selling businesses.

The foregoing information is presented by Klein Law Corporation as a news reporting service to clients and friends of the firm and is distributed with the understanding that Klein Law Corporation is not rendering legal advice and assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with its use. If you have questions about the subject matter presented or desire to obtain more information on legal issues related to your business, please contact us at mark@KleinLawCorp.com

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